MCG - Town of Milton Meeting Update:

Created on 03 August 2011



Dear Friends,

As most of you are aware of that we had a formal invite from the town of Milton to discuss the need of a Cricket field in Milton.
The meeting went superbly well with very positive response from the Planning Committee. It lasted for over an hour and we were able to present and discuss all of the possible ideas.

We went in with a two-prong strategy.

To request for a proper Cricket pitch for hard ball games in the long term and a small ground/baseball diamond (preferably with lights) for the tape ball in the short term.

Expectedly, I sensed that they first want to measure the demand of Cricket in Milton before committing to something on a larger scale.

However, they were very positive on assigning us a small ground and a baseball diamond for our tape ball games. The fields officially do not open until May to avoid damage to the grass due to damp weather conditions. Apparently this year is slightly different as we have an early summer and the town will be opening the fields and diamonds as early as 4th week of April.

The good news is they have promised to issue us an official permit to arrange for our tape ball games starting late April which is just four more weeks away. The season will run from April to October. Time slots are tight as there are scheduled local soccer and baseball leagues on the week nights and some on the weekends. But this is something that I will be working closely with the town to streamline and will of course share with you all the available slots.

All in all it was a great opportunity to have been invited to such a meeting and present our ideas. Thanks to Sohail, Saeed, Najam and Noman to come out to our preliminary group meeting on Tuesday night and double thanks to Noman for joining me to the town meeting in the morning.

I believe having our tape ball games with great fun and discipline will very well serve the purpose of showing them our passion for the sport, respect of the community and the demand of Cricket in Milton for something bigger in the near future.

A lot more to come….