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Welcome to MCG – Milton Cricket Ground

MCG is a non-profit Cricket association based in Milton, Ontario, that comprises of a group of cricket enthusiasts longing for a proper Cricket facility to enjoy this fast growing sport in the community along with their families and friends.

MCG has finally got a break from their relentless struggle for the past few years to get a proper ground, as some of the local councillors and town committee members realized the importance for families to get outdoors and engage in an activity that serves the community in a healthy lifestyle.

In result, the Town of Milton has recently granted permission to use the Boyne Community Centre field to arrange for a soft tape ball Cricket league.
This milestone could only be achieved through the persistent efforts of members of the MCG.

In addition, the town has also granted permission for Drumquin ballpark to arrange Cricket matches under the floodlights on Friday nights.

In order to celebrate the opening of the season, MCG has organized an exhibition soft tape ball game at Boyne field on May 20th at 12 noon where all families and cricket lovers are welcome to watch and enjoy this great accomplishment.

For the next phase, MCG has closely been working with the Town of Milton to develop a proper hardball cricket pitch and ground with seating arrangements in coming years that can be registered for the teams willing to regularly use it for their league games from May to September.

Boyne Ground Location Map

Boyne Ground 2287 Britannia Rd., Milton Ontario,L9T 2X5
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